About Us

About Us


We're a rising wireless accessories importer/wholesale company, based in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We are devoted to providing best price & excellent quality to our customers, while doing our very best to guarantee the highest quality, low prices, fast delivery and truly excellent service.


Our commitment

In essence, CharmCell's main line of product consists of wireless accessories ranging from Protective Cases, Leather Pouches, Chargers, Hands frees, Charms, Batteries, etc¡­ Our goal is to create a one-stop shop environment for all wireless dealers.
In addition to selling branded wireless accessories, we also distribute OEM products to demonstrate our commitment to QUALITY, RELIABILITY, and AFFORDABILITY

Product quality

To guarantee the highest possible product quality we concentrate on original accessories from well known, established brands. With these we are very careful in our choice of suppliers - we've worked with most for many years - and we examine and test samples of each product before we offer it on our website.

Low prices

How do we offer such low prices on many products? Firstly, we've been specializing in the cell phone and mobile accessory business since 2009 - in this time we've built up excellent relationships with many top manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors and perfected our ordering system, so we know that we're getting our products at the lowest possible cost. And of course we pass on these savings to our customers. But offering low prices is not really our main goal - our main aim is to offer a good range of great quality products, but not to substitute quality for price. We do not want to be the cheapest at any cost, especially if low prices mean sacrificing product quality or our service. Instead we want to supply excellent products at excellent prices, without saving on the quality.

Fast delivery

We try to keep all products in stock, and the products that are out of stock are generally available within a few days. In our warehouse you can see the actual stock level and availability of every product, so you know exactly what's in stock and how quickly we'll be able to ship out your order.

Always up-to-date

New cell phones and mobile devices accessories are coming out all the time, and we have a network of suppliers in Canada, the US and China to make sure that we get new products fast. You can check out our list of new products to see how just how often we add new products and innovations to our warehouse.